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How do I customize my runner tag

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How do I customize my runner tag

I have all of these customization options for the runner tags but I can't find on this website on where to customize it


  • I downloaded the app. Free and easy to navigate.
  • On this topic I've unlocked soooo much stuff for my Tag, but it won't pop up in my options. Anyone else got this problem?
  • Destroyer_Tadhg27
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    I know, right, IKILLCOWS573? It even says in-game when you collect a Runner Kit that you can customize your Runner Tag Emblem on the website. It also says you can customize it on the app, but whats the point downloading an app when you can 'Supposedly' customize it on the website!?
  • Can someone help me? When i log in to the companion app it says: EA account does not own the game. Please help!
  • Found it. After you sign in to mirrorsedge.com, click the account button, and choose "view your profile", there's an edit tag option on your profile.
  • I've signed in and i'm on the website but I can't click on the account button. Is the account button in the top right corner? If not, i'm probably clicking on the wrong thing.
  • Yeah when I click on the portrait in top right corner it says sign out
  • i'm having the same problem. i can log in, but the "my account" button doesn't appear, only "log out." i've tried accessing my account using chrome on mobile and desktop, and firefox on desktop, and android internet browser on mobile. none of those helped. i've also tried using the companion app.. i can't even open it because i get the error that my account doesn't own the game, which is true. my dad owns the game, and i play it at his house. but i should be able to customize my emblem regardless. what do???
  • I had the same problem where only 'log out' appeared and there was no option to view my profile. Not sure if this applies to everyone, but for me, it turned out I had the wrong email linked to the game. My EA account had a different email to my Xbox account, and Mirror's Edge was set up with my Xbox details as opposed to my EA details.
  • so how did you fix that @tinypanmilk ? i tried linking my accounts but it is incredibly complicated to do via origin and it didn't work.
  • Hello from 2017, I still can't just LINK MY ACOUNT!
  • Whyyy... WHY U NO SIGN IN
  • 8K views already? wow
    I am Iman.
  • Princess_air11
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    I'm using the same email account for both and I can't access my profile on their website all that comes up is sign out, and all the app is saying when I try to log in is that EA doesn't own the game. This is really frustrating.
  • Well now, looks like I have to be the 1 to find out for everyone, but till then if anyone finds out before me please let me know and thank you. B)
  • So this is it, but it's not working which is strange. Copy & paste to browser. http://www.shacknews.com/article/95056/how-to-change-your-runner-emblem-in-mirrors-edge-catalyst
  • You have to have ordered the game through their website and linked your account when finishing the purchase. That is the only way to use the app. Its actually really **** they did it like this and if you go read the reviews on the app there is an outrage.
  • guys, if you have origin installed on your computer and you're logged on it , just go to mirrorsedge.com and by clicking on it, view my profile will be there(you must be logged in on EA too)
  • Try using Microsoft Edge or Explorer (Only tested it with edge). Otherwise it didn't work for me, got the idea from this comment -
  • when i get a kit it sometimes says that i got a color for what is this?
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