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First Impressions

Having just recently gotten the game, I have roughly spent 5 hours playing and as a fan of the first, making the transition from the first one to catalyst has proven to be quite challenging. But as I gain more experience and master the new mechanics on how the game works, it is proving to be almost as just as good as the first. I really love the sandbox world it is in, rather than on a liner path like the first game and with more to do and explore too. But it has it's downside and that is the pacing of the story feels disjointed and weird to say the least but will hopefully won't feel as bad as time goes on. So if you are new to Mirror's Edge or have played the first game and is wondering what people thought of it, then I hope this piece of advice helps you.


  • Honestly, I felt the same way about the story the same time I played through it, too. Playing it the second time was more enjoyable, because I could follow it better since I sort of knew what was going on.
  • I think that the pacing of the story was good at first- there was a good build up and a logical following. Then somewhere around Reflection it started going a bit too fast and ended up on a bit of a tangent.
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