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The game runs smooth but then a frame drop freezes the game! help! — Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Forums

The game runs smooth but then a frame drop freezes the game! help!

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The game runs smooth but then a frame drop freezes the game! help!

im running the game with a gtx 1080 and 32 gigs of ram and the newest win 10 update and everything but i still get those frame drops that makes me game freeze for 4-5 seconds then the game runs smooth again for like 2 mins then the same happends


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    Ermm.. those frame drops is a problem for some players when the game just came out. They already fixed this game with the latest patch. You can try fix the game in your Origin game library by right clicking on Mirror's Edge Catalyst, this should update it to the latest patch.
    I never had any problems with my low spec PC when I first started the game. But after restarting New Game, the lag in cutscenes re-appears. *No idea why.*
    I am Iman.
  • Same freezing issue in here, frame drops and freeze about 5-8 seconds with sounds still going on. I've tried to down grade my drivers back to august but doesn't help. Game freezes and uses alot CPU. Over clocked it to 4.2ghz helped a bit but still freezes. Tried to set graphic settings on LOW but problem still presists. Updated the game on Origin.
    Seems it doesn't use much GPU even thought I've checked settings on NVidia control panel to use PhysX on GPU. Used to run this game smooth without graphic problems from the release date but after BF1 release and few updates on graphicgard drivers the freezing started. Rig with i5-6600K, gtx 970, ddr4 32gigs. Would be fun to find solution on this. Also read alot about other games having freezes too. Maybe about Nvidia drivers :(
  • Seems also that other people are having problems with Nvidia card lately on ther games. So we are not alone. Bf1, Division, I've had also with R6 siege. I quess the problem is in Nvidia end not in the games. EA support have been asking people Dxdiag reports and leaving them then without answer with people asking on freezing problems on Mirror's edge and BF1.

    for me the worst freezing is on mirrors edge with constant freezing with 6sec play and 6 sec freeze, not fun.



    Just few examples, list goes on and on people having problems with freezing...
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