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[Solved] Constant frame-rate stuttering after rebooting. — Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Forums

[Solved] Constant frame-rate stuttering after rebooting.

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[Solved] Constant frame-rate stuttering after rebooting.

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When I first started playing catalyst it ran smoothly the whole time with no issues. The next day I tried to continue playing (after having shutdown my pc overnight) and the game was constantly stuttering with the mouse input also appearing to have a large lag/mind of its own. Showing the fps counter reveals that the frame-rate is regularly dropping down to 10-30 fps for a few seconds before returning to 60. I have tried lowing all the settings, setting priority to high in task manager, running after a clean boot, enabling and disable gpu memory restriction, enabling and disabling vsync, MaxVariableFPS 60, disabling SLI, disabling origin in-game, a clean reinstall of my display drivers, increasing the number of pre-rendered frames and setting the power settings to prefer maximum performance, none of which have made any noticeable difference. No other games are having any issues and it's definitely not an overheating issue.

i7-6700k @4.6Ghz
2xGTX 780 in SLI
ASUS Z170 Pro Motherboard
Both the game and Origin are installed on a 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

Disabling SLI in the NVIDIA control panel rather than simply setting the game's 3D settings to Single GPU solved the problem.
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  • Same! I had this problem also in Battlefield 1! Which also runs the same engine. I thought this was overheating issue. How can you be sure it wasn't? Because I think it is.
    I am Iman.
  • Monitoring temperatures in-game showed that the hottest component was my CPU and that only reach 65c at the highest. The majority of the time it was around 55c, and I'm pretty sure it will only start thermal throttling at 80c. I am seeing very low GPU usage though. Were you able to fix your issue?
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