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PS4 bugs

I thought I should report some bugs that we're annoying me a bit, mostly some design flaws here and there. I know some others too, but speedrunning exploits or random funny stuff happening don't annoy me.

Let me know if I should instead use this contact form: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=mirrors-edge-catalyst&platform=ps4&category=report-a-bug&issue=report-bug

At the end of the Benefactor mission the metal boards next to the elevator are not solid, but instead of just clipping through them they're rendered like they were floor textures below your feet, which looks really weird.

Sometimes parts of the environment are pitch black. I don't know if this is always a glitch or if it's intentional in some cases. Anyway, here are two examples were it looks really odd:
jzkyimzz.jpg kcx5rxhz.jpg

I found two texture issues that are easy to oversee though. There may be more like these.
y4pvcjs7.jpg mbiq3kvh.jpg

The Everdyne billboards are upside-down mirrored.

I found two instant-death places in Shimmering Heights that are kinda ****. On the first picture you can stay on that ventilation thingy I'm focusing on, but when you duck you'll die. The place on the second picture looks like it can be reached, but there's a death trigger. I'd say youn should either remove the trigger and make it somehow possible to climb up from there, or make the death more plausible.
icqaftu7.jpg 5gcvlbzf.jpg

I always get stuck between this box and the cable after taking the electronic part. Making the cable on the ground non-solid should fix that.

This happends very rarely, but sometimes the mission Vive la Résistance takes place at night. But the map doesn't seem to be made for that, because some parts are almost pitch black.

This door in Zephyr...

At the beginning of the Encroachment mission, after crawling through that shaft and climbing up, the game always stutters at the same place. See this video, at 10-12 seconds.


  • whenever i hack a billboard my thing is always really buggy, idk if that is on purpose but big billboards always glitch
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