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Just finished the game, here are my thoughts

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Just finished the game, here are my thoughts

I loved the game B) !

Was a massive fan of the first (played through it countless times), but had to wait to get to this one because my PC was too weak (played it on Ps4 in the end). Anyway, this was a great sequel with plenty of smart additions.

This is what I loved about the game:
1) Running felt really fluid and exhilarating. Not sure about the technicalities but it felt like some rough edges had been sandpapered down so to speak. The spring jump was beautifully springy also.

2) Runner's vision made the campaign way more fun. Never realized I wanted this, but it was a godsend. ME was never about finding the way to the exit for me. You want to get into the flow. In the original you never did the first time you played a new mission (at least I couldn't). Here I was in the zone way more often. It's good that it only shows an unoptimal route, because finding really fast ones on your own is still a massive part of the game of course.

3) Combat was actually fun in this one. Took a while to get it, but once I did it was a lot of fun. It felt fresh also, never played combat like this in any game ever. And it fitted well with the parkour theme. I even liked the third person takedowns. I thought I would get annoyed by being pulled out of first person, but it was the opposite actually. I wanted to see more takedowns because they were awesome lol.

4) This brings me to the next point. Cutscenes with Faith in third person was also much better as it turned out. Again I thought it was a bad idea, but it wasn't. She's a great character and she shines more this way. Overall I really enjoyed the story and characters. Luckily I still have some sidemissions to scoop up.

5) I liked how linear the missions were. I was worried about the open world direction, but it didn't take away anything from the campaign. Instead it added some other things to do, many of them enjoyable for sure.

This brings me to a couple of things I didn't like:

1) Electronics part. What are they? Why am I stopping to collect them? Wasn't the gridleaks enough?

2) The music was very modest and imo a little too much in the background. I think it should have a more central role. Like when you start playing the Shard mission in the original. It was awesome. And the song at the end as well (why was there no song at the end?).

Anyway those are minor gripes and all things considered it was a brilliant game. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made it :smiley:!


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