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Can KrugerSec not enter certain buildings? — Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Forums

Can KrugerSec not enter certain buildings?

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Can KrugerSec not enter certain buildings?

I was being chased down and went for a nearby building since i was cornered, but then i realized something was wrong when the sensors couldn't see me anymore. I went back down to the door which i had just used to see 5 krugersecs casually hanging out outside of the doorway. I tried to lure them in using various methods, nothing worked except for the ones armed with Vectors being able to take a few steps into the hallway before booking it. What's up with this?


  • It is probably because going inside those is supposed to be a refuge to hide from the helicopter search and escape detection. There is one particular room that is very small, but you just go in there and apparently the ksec have no idea you went in there ;p Door is even wide open!

    I even once hid under a staircase, and as long as more than 1/2 of you is "under" the stairs, they apparently cannot see through the gaps in the metal frame stairs ;p
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  • yeah, the AI has its moments. but then, they werent very smart in the first place.
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