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The bits I *could* play were fantastic

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The bits I *could* play were fantastic

This is a fabulous game. Lovely controls, lovely style. I've had a lot of fun playing it, doing every time trial and delivery mission as they opened up to me.

The problem is that I've reached Fly Trap and I'm screwed. I cannot get past the guards in that arena-type area. For the first hour I was doing what I normally do in combat situations in this game - run. Slowly it started to dawn that there wasn't a way out (that walkway around the top is tempting, but I couldn't find a way of reaching it no matter how hard I tried). So, after a few YouTube videos confirmed it, I started trying to defeat the guards.

Four hours and many deaths later they were still coming. At some point I started keeping count of how many I beat before they finally cornered me again and took away that last flashing red bar. Sixteen. And there were still three of them beating me. How many are there? At least nineteen, obviously. And I don't think I'm ever going to get there.

I know some people find the combat in this game easy. I am not one of those people, I play the game for the running aspect of it. Yes, I went back and did the tutorials again, several times in fact. Yes, I played through the whole game again, this time doing the combat instead of running away. It did no good. Three guards I can deal with. Nineteen-plus, apparently followed by some kind of boss, no I can't.

It is a real shame. As I said, this is easily one of my favourite games. I'm just disappointed that I'm never going to get to play the rest of it.


  • The combat can be indeee confusing to some people, my advice is in the arena type area, try and eradicate the enforcers furst, conifers they're long range with just the light attack, and use big attacks for shock protectors, guardians and such by jumping off walls and ysing the light attack button to stunn them, then finish them off with a kick. If its hard, just try and jeep on running around attacking them when you can with combat moves on the move... i hope this helped a little... goodluck!!!
  • Here's the best tip that I still practice when playing this game.
    "Remember what I taught you. Isolate them, one at a time" -Mr Mercury
    Bet Noah didn't even say that.
    I am Iman.
  • Welp, finally did it. Took another day, and on the final go I ended up with two Shock Protectors left that took nearly 30 minutes of running around in a circle to take down. I had to pause and let my mouse hand stop shaking at one point. They refused to separate and barely ever got into the right position for me to kick them off an edge, but eventually they went down.

    The Sentinel after them was dead easy after all that. Didn't even drop a bar. I think the previous bit was hard simply because of the sheer number of them without the chance to recover, plus the shooters - one of them would often fire three times in quick succession, knocking three bars off straight away.

    Cheers! :smile:
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