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Mini Rant

I did a mini rant on Tumblr, but I should do one here. I really, really, REALLY wish that there was more background or character development for Nomad because he had so much potential and I found him to be the most interesting character. I love him so much! Even Icarus should've had more background because he was nothing but a big mystery, like he just randomly showed up with very little info besides Noah finding him.

This is mostly going to be about Nomad. I wish there was more with Catalyst, it seems dead and that upsets me because I really am a huge fan. I was slightly disappointed with the length of the story and the lack of character development and background of certain characters, and a lot of the scenes from trailers and such being cut out, but don't get me wrong, I still love the game.

I wish Nomad gave more missions besides screwing with KSec. A cool idea would be a mission pertaining to his past. Maybe he can give Faith a mission trying to find clues to what really happened to his parents since he would obviously trust Faith to do the job. Who knows maybe his mom didn't really die or what really happened to his father. Could his father really "walked out" on his mom before Nomad was born? Another question would be, how did Nomad get his name? Did someone give it to him or did he give it to himself? By what little info of him, he possibly couldn't remember what name was given to him at birth since he was really young when all this stuff happened to him. What about the "other adults" that he kept running away from? Could it be other family members or people trying to make him part of the Conglomerate?

What gets me is that Nomad doesn't seem to care about his past. Should he at least try to find out what really happen and maybe understand how he came to be? I really need answers...

At least all I can do is make fanart of him and do fanfictions even though they won't pertain to the game at all.
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