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Mirrors Edge Console PC Update Discussion (Game/Updates) [OPEN DIALOGUE] — Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Forums

Mirrors Edge Console PC Update Discussion (Game/Updates) [OPEN DIALOGUE]

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Mirrors Edge Console PC Update Discussion (Game/Updates) [OPEN DIALOGUE]

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Hello Mirrors edge Forums, Mirrors Edge Dev Team, EA and DICE,
I've been playing Mirrors edge Catalyst for a few days now and I have been noticing the same rendering and texture/clipping issues as you have. Mainly I believe that these issues have garnered some attention and also have been/need to be fixed.
I love this game and all but like most things sometimes, if they (games, PCs, consoles, etc, etc) are neglected or likewise, left alone with nothing to be updated regularly on a scheduled basis......... These issues (like I have read about in the forums) will probably go unnoticed and most likely will ruin what is otherwise fun, and by all means a good game.
Some of these issues include the following on (PC and Console):
-Black/Light/Flickering textures
-Buildings which have unfinished/clippable textures
-crashes as a result of stutters, slow loading times, slow rendering times, etc, etc.,
-Slow skipping times during cutscences
-Sluggish and Clunky AI that react slowly and spam moves like none other
-Somewhat sluggish reaction time for the player character and NPCs
-No Manual SAVES (Seriously though, Put Manual Saves in Mirrors edge Catalyst)
-Repetitive move spamming from both the player character and NPCS
-Double move spamming from certain NPCs
-NPCs having vision through walls (God knows how many times I have to deal with this ****)
-Barely noticeable damage buffs that don't account for anything much even against enemies
-Lack of combat variety (How clumsy of you)
-Crashes during autosaves (its rare but noticeable and noteworthy)
I know some of the issues that have been dealt with on the PC but don't forget there are issues on the console version as well, which some of these have largely unaddressed as a result. Keep that in mind, that this game also has a small world kinda like Assassin's Creed Unity (a game that was a garbage/tire/bonfire that went horribly wrong ) does. However, the textures are great (if you don't encounter the flickering of the textures or rampant lagging or just crashing).
More importantly, I don't stress much about how this game plays but if you have a game that was great in the beginning that somehow managed to have these bugs go LARGELY unnoticed then there are some serious issues that need to be fixed and addressed by now. The fact that most of the issues mentioned here in the forums (on the PC and ESPECIALLY the console version) have gone unnoticed makes it worse for gamers and the mass public alike. It bothers me that a game like this is has little support from the Devs, or EA or DICE for that matter, to be honest how could you (EA, DICE, Mirrors Edge Catalyst Dev Team) let these issues just slide by as we the public free market play YOUR game from beginning to end believing that we the public free market wouldn't notice, let alone the fact that your game is great.
It blows my mind to see you (EA, DICE, Mirrors Edge Catalyst Dev Team) look at your game and believe there'd be no issues (knowing that you would think and believe this at first) if at all.
I can say that lots of people (gamers and the masses included) have undoubtedly CONFIRMED the existence of the issues that have been mentioned in the forums, and that these issues (whether on PC or Console) should be fixed with the best efforts and resources and efficiency possible in so that we as the public and you can enjoy the game even more with the updates that can CERTAINLY be made to fix the issues with game so that way with said updates that can/should be made for the (PC and Console) can give Mirrors Edge Catalyst for PC/Console support through the updates for Mirrors Edge Catalyst and also receive a breath of fresh air.
That being said I will look forward to talking with anyone about this game now or in the future.

My Most Sincere Regards-

[OPEN DISCUSSION ABOUT THE GAME AND IT'S FUTURE with possible talk about updates]


  • I don't agree on the lack of combat variety. flying kicks, wall jump kicks, slide kicks, punches , cool finishing moves etc...
  • Let's be clear bro, PC hardware is a MESS including all possible settings....etc
    I mean, i didn't even HALF of the problems you say while playing on my Xbox ONE.
    Also, late texturing is clearly a ressources management issue : PS4 Pro for example fixes most of texture displaying just by activating the boost mode.

    To finish, YES these issues have been noticed by DICE, they just don't care because the game is already left behind and no longer supported.
    For proof i talked with the level designer of the game, who told me that she now works in another company...
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