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Mirrors edge catalyst was intended to be a much bigger project...

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Mirrors edge catalyst was intended to be a much bigger project...

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Mirrors edge catalyst now to me is still that game that i can come back to and enjoy purely because of how unique and fun it is. But I've noticed lots of things in the game, with aided help from YouTube videos i found. Mirrors edge catalyst as we know, was a game that we were all not really expecting but desperately wanted as fans. We finally got the game, and although I enjoy every ounce of it, from the gameplay to the music and art style etc, there is still hints of how mirrors edge catalyst was actually meant to be throughout the game.

For example, if you go down to dogens restaraunt where usually you would trigger a cut scene through the story line, and if you stand by the door, and use Nvidia Ansel to cut through the wall, you will see a fully rendered kitchen, to me this indicates that dogen was meant to be situated here and to have side missions for you... another example is the district development zone, when you are playing top of the world side mission given from Rebecca, if you go to thre top of the building, and float glitch down to the buildings behind it, on either corner of that block, there are two attachment points that still work, for a mag rope on either side of the building you floated down from, this indicates that the development zone was meant to be larger and have another area, i found this through a YouTube video.

These two things must have some relevance to what mirrors edge was actually intended to be, a much bigger game. And also, the map has a very large boundary for what the actual explorable areas are, why have that if there are no more districts???

Has anyone else found details like this throughout the game?? Because these things must mean something...


  • killchan
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    but anyway, I'm ok with the game as it is. the size of the map was not the problem of MEC .
    ME fans wanted another linear challenging parkour game with better controls, fun extra modes, kick **** soundrack, decent cutscenes and a good story: the only things that MEC got right were controls and cutscenes, everything else was dumbed down or completely changed/removed.
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    MEC didn't need to be open world. It just needed to be slightly less frustrating than ME.
    the time and resources spent on the open world could have been invested into a less rushed and casual story mode and better optimization. but no: DICE wanted MEC to be a blockbuster. they wanted gamers to spend as much time as possible in that world. turns out, almost nobody cared. DICE catered to a group of players who play openworld games to shoot stuff and ragequit single player games unless it's dark souls, ragegames or outlast clones.
    DICE had 2 options: save some money and make a better ME for those who loved the original , or join the open world genre (everybody was sick of it by the time the game came out btw) and make it a no-brain-required racing game. they picked the latter.
  • Here's a fan's opinions on some of the worst and best decisions for the games. it's about ME's potential as a game franchise, what ME should be and what stopped it. i want the developers and EA to see this.
    - Mirror's Edge - One Year Later
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    yeah... NO.

  • Bird_Of_Faith
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    You have some valid points Killchan, but I completely disagree with you, people aren't done with open world games, they are demanding open world games, personally either way id mec was linear or not i feel it still would of been taken the sane way it already has, because Dice hasn't cracked the code for the series just yet, and thats true because they still have the time to thicken everything throughout the series if there is to be dlc or another game, which i hope for eventually.

    The open world too wasn't even bad, sure it felt a little bit to gamey in some places, but to build a city where the roofs are your play ground is relatively difficult to just an open like skyrim, but the difference between the open worlds is mec is still a lot smaller and limited to such a vast expanse environment like skyrims, but obviously skyrims openworld was worked on different to mecs...

    And personally the only thing for me that wasn't done correctly was the story and a little bit of the open world. But still I understand your points, i just don't agree...

    The source for the mag rope video is below, which i also went in game to test for myself, and the Dogens kitchen source is in the video jikoojiko has linked in the discussion...

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