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Mirror's Edge Runner Tag- App & EA access don't work — Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Forums

Mirror's Edge Runner Tag- App & EA access don't work

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Mirror's Edge Runner Tag- App & EA access don't work

I recently purchased Mirror's Edge Catalyst during the Xbox live games with gold sale and played for awhile, and recently decided to customize my runners tag. I downloaded the mobile app only to find that the feature it promised doesn't exist because of a bug saying that I don't own the game, even though my EA account email and Xbox/ Microsoft email are the same, and I couldn't find it online either. I noticed someone say that if you bought it through the EA store you could link them and finally be able to customize your emblem, so I tried this and noticed that I could get the game again for free if I had EA access, so I begrudgingly spend the 5 dollars to get EA access for a month, hoping that purchasing the game this way would let me do what I've been trying to do, but it still doesn't work. I can't find any trace anywhere of a way to customize my emblem, and because EA are being super greedy and shady and unreliable, I ended up wasting more money than I needed to for a previously promised feature. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really just want to customize my emblem already. This is absurd.
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