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Your Ideal Parkour Game

What would your ideal first person parkour game be? Like game elements (linear, character creator, etc.), enviroment (futuristic, modern, victorian, etc.), and story. It's always fun to make up games :smile: Long multiple paragraphs preferred.


  • Well for me, Mec is basically want a parkour game is to me. But if i had to design my own, firts of all, I would have character customisation, I'd let the players be able to purchase gear and new runner outfits etc, for example you'd do little missions to gain runner currency or something, amd then you can go to someone who sells runner gear, you could buy new gadjets, buy new shoes, pants, shirts, gloves and others clothing stuff, and even make it where you can change your hideout/lair.

    Open world parkour is a must, of i was to do it in nec style, I'd make each district bigger and have at least 8 or 10 different districts, but I'd make it where you could climb skyscrapers and jump down to ground level where you can treverse alley ways and some streets etc, and the environment, i would have it modern amd futuristic, i love mecs style, but I'd still make it a little bt more advanced... and you playing as the character would have a large skil tree, with more skills and moves, for example a double monkey vault, or faster normal vault, and even something like a powerful jump, where before you jump you hold down a button to sprint even faster and you will be able to jump across larger gaps then usual... sort like an extended burst of exceleration. And with combat I'd relatively wouldn't really change from something like mec, I'd make the enemies harder to beat and such, id have more enemies, enemies that chase across the city, and a lot more ways to take them down, amd ways you can do a specific move, but the you can finish them off with another specific move etc...

    I like fast paced hetic parkour, so that would be an element too, and story wise, well, im not too sure with this one, I'd have at least 25 main story missions, making them longer, and I'd follow the lines on how these parkour offgrids are going to be eliminated but make the story a lot more personal, have plot twists, and make it where you can interact with characters different, the story would follow the one character in which you get to customise and such, and the journey takes you to discovering the unknown about the city and its citizens, rulers and such, andthen a huge conflict happens, caused by something, amd everyone has to find out what's going etc, I only thought of this on the spot, if i had more time I would be a lot more specific hehe...

    Anyway thats what I would probably do!!!
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